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How Keto Diet Has Helped Me and My Family Live Better

Do you ever get confused by all of the diet options out there on the market today? There is the South Beach Diet, low-calorie diets, pills that swear to knock off pounds, drink supplements to take, and diets that include cutting everything imaginable out of your diet in hopes of dropping a few pounds.

Well, I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, or an expert on weight loss. I’m just an average woman who has had a child and watched my slim figure get a little curvier over the years.

However, I’ve also found a solution that works well for my family and me. Here go the disclaimers:

We are not medical professionals. This is just a personal experience that I wanted to share with others. Please consult your physician before you start any new diet or exercise routine. We are not liable in any way for any outcome or experience you have.

So now that the disclaimers are out there, I want to share my experience with you about the keto-diet. My husband and I have had great success while on it. I also want to share some of the benefits of this diet and also some of the drawbacks.

Here is what our experience on the keto-diet has been like:

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto-diet is a natural diet where you refrain from consuming carbohydrates and sugars. The main difference between it and the Adkins diet is that there are no artificial sweeteners and processed foods allowed with the keto-diet.

Also, you are meant to consume a smaller percentage of protein and a more significant percentage of green vegetables. I like this because when I began the no carbohydrates and no sugar diet, I didn’t realize that I would eventually plateau.

Well, I did and became very discouraged. When I discovered the keto-diet, I learned that when you plateau you are just supposed to amp up the number of green vegetables you are ingesting to rev up your metabolism again. It is very neat the things your body can do when it is fueled cleanly and healthily.

How Ketosis Works and the Benefits

You might be wondering how the keto-diet works. When you cut carbohydrates and sugars from your diet, your body begins to level out. You start to stabilize your blood sugar levels which is helpful for weight loss.

But your body also stops having carbohydrates to burn for fuel to produce energy to power your body. This means that is must pull from the stored fat in your body. When your body begins to use stored fat to power the body because it has run out of glucose, this is a state called ketosis.

From there, your body turns into a fat burning machine because it must use your stored fat to continue to power itself.

But beyond burning fat, there are so many other benefits of a keto-diet.

First, some studies are showing that a keto-diet can help battle and prevent some forms of cancer.

Cancer cells need glucose to be fed and continue to grow and function within the human body. When the cells don’t have glucose feeding them, they starve out. Some studies have shown that tumors have stopped growing and even shrunk because of the lack of glucose.

Second, a keto-diet is believed to lower your risk of heart disease and inflammation too. This is great news for someone like me. I have an autoimmune disease that puts me at a higher risk of heart disease, and it is believed that the disease itself is caused by inflammation. When I follow a keto-diet, I notice significant improvements in the way I feel overall with my daily struggles with a disorder.

Finally, there are many benefits to a keto-diet. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this diet is that it can lower your risk for diabetes and obesity. Both of which are becoming epidemic in the United States. A diet that could help you to overcome those two hurdles in life, is a good thing.

How the Keto-Diet Has Helped Our Family

Now that you know a little about how a keto-diet works; and some of the benefits of following a keto-diet; I wanted to share a bit of my personal story.

It began when my husband went for a routine check-up one year. He told the doctor how tired he had been, and his doctor sent him straight over to a cardiologist. Her husband had complained of some similar symptoms that my husband was sharing with her, but unfortunately, her husband died of a massive heart attack.

Naturally, she was concerned for my husband, so she got him in for a stress test immediately.

Well, the cardiologist performed the stress test and just wounded my husband’s pride when he read the results to him. He told my husband he was fat. In fact, he told him he was so overweight that his nasal passages were even getting fat which is why he sounded nasal when he talked.

Now, keep in mind, my husband is almost 7 feet tall. He is a big guy which is probably why his weight was never a real concern to us because he never looked disproportional, but his cardiologist told him to lose the weight in no uncertain terms.

Then he told him to cut carbohydrates and sugar out of his diet immediately.

So when my husband came home to tell me the news, I was not a big believer, but my husband was sold on the idea, so I went along with it. He began by cutting carbs and sugars, and I went along with it for moral support.

However, in a matter of a few months, the pounds began falling off of both of us. My clothes fit better, I felt better, and so did my husband.

Now, eventually, we hit a plateau which is where I began reading up on ketosis. I realized if I would eat more green vegetables, then my weight should keep going down.

So for us, the keto-diet has been a pretty painless way to lose weight and feel better all the way around.

However, keep in mind, my husband did this under doctor’s orders, and I also spoke with my doctor before jumping on the bandwagon. In our situations, it was a great option, but you need to check with your doctor in regards to your personal situation.

Overall, my husband ended up losing 50 pounds, and I lost 20 pounds in about six months. The holidays hit, and we got a little off track, but we are getting back on board with the new year, and I hope we will finish this year losing every pound we need to.

Here are a few other ways the keto-diet has helped our family beyond weight loss:

1. It Saved Us Money

Because we raise a lot of our own food, we were able to depend more upon what we preserved to fill our diet. This meant less money that needed to be spent at the grocery store because we ate mainly vegetables, meat, and cheese with a few berries.

So because we could grow or make most of these items from what we produced on our land, our grocery bill went down drastically.

2. We Felt Better

It was amazing how much better I felt when I dropped twenty pounds. It wasn’t just because my clothes fit better, or I got compliments, but I had a ton more energy. So having more energy and just feeling rejuvenated was a great benefit of following a ketosis diet.

3. Corrected Hormonal Problems

I don’t mind sharing my struggles with others, so I’ll tell you. I have an autoimmune disease known as PCOS. It causes hormonal imbalances which can make life pretty difficult for a woman all the way around.

But when I began following a ketosis diet I noticed my hormones leveled out. My acne cleared up and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as rogue hairs and daily pain began appearing less and less. I literally felt like a new woman.

4. We Weren’t Hungry

One of the greatest benefits of this diet is we were never hungry. Most of the time when you hear the word diet, you just prepare yourself to starve.

Well, not with this diet. You are full, and you eat less because the protein makes you full faster and keeps you full longer. It is pretty amazing!

The Drawbacks of the Keto Diet

I’ve shared a lot of the benefits of a ketosis diet with you, but I want you to know a few of the drawbacks of following this diet as well from my standpoint.

Here are the drawbacks of following a keto-diet:

1. Difficult with Children

When you eat nothing but meat, vegetables, and berries it can be challenging to ignore the gripes and moans of your children. They want to know where the pizza went, where the potatoes went, and where their ice cream went.

So you have to find ways to bring your kids on board. Here is a helpful resource for kid-friendly keto-based meals. Hopefully, it will help you overcome this hurdle, if this ends up being the lifestyle for you.

2. It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

For people that embrace this lifestyle as a diet only, I have news. As soon as you lose the weight, you’ll put it right back on because you can’t eat the way you’ve always eaten and expect to stay at your goal weight.

We learned this the hard way over the holidays. We decided to “take the holidays off,” and I was stunned at how fast the weight came right back. It was because our bodies had glucose again to power our bodies. So the extra calories were now being stored as fat.

So you must realize that keto is a way of life if you plan on staying healthy and fit by using this method. Truthfully, as great as I felt when I was eating from a keto-diet, the weight loss was just a nice bonus. The overall well being of my body was the real winner.

3. You Must Be Creative

The reason why we decided to “take the holidays off” was because following a keto diet can be boring if you don’t get creative.

Eventually, you too are going to ask, “Where’s the pizza? Where’s the ice cream? I want a real burger!” So you have to be ready with keto-friendly recipes that can satisfy these cravings.

4. The Keto-Flu

This is one of the biggest drawbacks when entering into the ketosis lifestyle. Some people develop something called the keto-flu. Basically, your body feels as though it has the flu because it is going through withdrawals of sugars and carbs.

Wow! Isn’t that crazy that our bodies can become addicted to foods like that? But it can, so if you develop the keto-flu be sure to fill up on electrolytes.

Also, it is only fair to share with you the negative feelings others feel about the keto-diet. They say it can be hard on your kidneys and liver. It has also been noted that it can be hard on your muscles as well.

There again, this is why it is crucial for you to discuss any diet with your doctor before beginning any new eating or physical routine. That way you all can sort through the different medical opinions and your medical history together.

Well, there you have it. That has been my experience with the keto-diet. As for my husband and myself, this lifestyle is one that works very well for us.

But I’d like to hear your thoughts. Have you ever tried the keto-diet? Is there a particular eating regimen that you follow that has helped your overall health?

We love hearing from you, so leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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