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10 Top Tips for Making This the Best New Year Yet

Do you set specific goals at the beginning of each new year? You aren’t alone because I’m the planning queen! I find setting goals for myself and my homestead helps keep me motivated and moving forward. But as you know, each year, we sometimes get off track, which is why …

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17 Reasons Why Gelatin Benefits Your Health

Have you ever wondered why you’re given Jell-O when you’re admitted to a hospital? Gelatin is a powerful substance with plenty of benefits. It may not be the most appealing, but with all the good it can do for you, it may be worth choking down. Still not convinced? Well, you’ll …

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38 Avocado Uses For Healthy Meals, Skin and Hair

Have you ever strolled through the grocery store, saw those dark hulled avocados and even though they were on sale, go right by it because you didn’t have a clue what to do with it? We’ve all done it. Avocados can seem intimidating! Yet, when you learn how to open …

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18 Avocado Benefits for Your Health

Do you enjoy the silky texture of avocado or does the green inside turn you off immediately? I once was afraid to indulge in avocados. They didn’t look appetizing, and I’d turn my nose up whenever I was faced with its green appearance. Until one day, I tried a delicious …

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20 Easy Healthy Drink Recipes You Can Make at Home

Are you looking for healthier, more natural drink options? When you raise your own food (or even some of your own food), it’s easier to follow a ‘whole food‘ or paleo type diet. I didn’t intentionally begin eating this way, but when I started to raise most of my family’s …

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