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26 Low Sugar Fruits That Will Give Your Healthy Lifestyle a Boost

Do you have health issues that cause you to be aware of how much sugar you intake? Maybe you have a family history of diabetes or other illnesses that require that your sugar intake is watched?

If so, I know it can be difficult to know which foods you should eat and which you shouldn’t. For instance, we all know that fruit is healthy, but they also can pack a lot of natural sugars with them which can be an issue with those that suffer from high blood sugar.

Or if you are someone like me that watches your carbohydrate and sugar intake, then it is important to know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

So that is why I’m bringing you a list of low sugar fruits. That way you will know which fruits are actually known for their low sugar content, and you will no longer have to guess.

Hopefully, this will help you to maintain a regular blood sugar level and all around better health.

What is a Low Sugar Fruit?

Before I begin listing all of the fruits that are low in sugar, you need to understand a little more about what qualifies these fruits for the list.

First, a low sugar fruit should have only 5-11 grams of sugar per serving.

Second, remember that serving size makes all the difference. Watermelon is a prime example of this. Most people eat a slice of watermelon which contains more than 11 grams of sugar.

But if you really love watermelon, then you’ll need to cut down on the serving size to keep it in the lower sugar category.

Finally, there are some fruits that are on the fence. I wanted to mention them first so you know to automatically watch serving size when eating them. Watermelon is obviously one as I’ve already mentioned.

However, cherries and grapes are also sitting on the fence. They contain too much sugar for a normal serving size to make the list officially. But if you really want them (as I do because I love cherries!) just know to cut back on the amount you eat.

Now, let’s move on to the fruits that made the list of low-sugar fruits at their regular serving size. (If you aren’t sure about serving sizes, here is a great resource to help you with that.)

26 Healthy Low Sugar Fruits:

1. Strawberries

Strawberries are probably one of my favorite fruits. As I mentioned before, I try really hard to follow a low carb and low sugar diet. It helps to keep my weight under control and my blood sugar regulated.

So when I’m craving something sweet, I usually go for a few strawberries served up with some fresh whipped cream. Yummy!

2. Grapefruit

This is a great fruit to include in a low sugar diet. It makes a great breakfast too. I like to slice a grapefruit open and make it easier to eat each section.

Then I’ll place some stevia extract on it for a little sweeter flavor. It is a very flavorful way to start the day.

3. Avocados

I love avocados. They go great on sandwiches, salads, and as a dip. I love the bright green color of them because then I know I’m getting necessary nutrients.

But you may not think of an avocado when you think of fruit. I know I usually don’t. Yet, they are a fruit so they will count towards your daily fruit servings.

4. Raspberries

Raspberries are another wonderful fruit that can be used as a snack, as part of lunch or dinner, or even as a topping for your breakfast.

So if you like a little tart flavor for your meals and don’t want it to pack a ton of sugar with it, then you should consider adding raspberries to your day.

5. Blackberries

I am an absolute sucker for all things blackberry. I love making blackberry jam, blackberry cobbler, and blackberry pies.

So it isn’t surprising that when I pick my blackberries, I end up adding a lot of them to my daily meals. They pack a great flavor without making my sugar spike.

6. Apples

Following a low carb and low sugar diet, we eat a lot of apples around my house. I can make homemade peanut butter and pair it with an apple to have a very filling low carb, low sugar snack.

But don’t think peanut butter is the only thing that goes well with apples. If you want a sweet treat without a lot of actual sugar, consider making these apple cookies.

7. Peaches

You might raise your eyebrows a little at this one. Most people associate peaches with being an extremely sweet fruit and would therefore think it had a ton of sugar in it.

But in reality, if you go with a small peach, it has only around 11 grams of sugar. If you go for the medium size it usually jumps up to around 13 grams of sugar. Not so bad for a deliciously sweet fruit.

8. Oranges

If you have to watch your sugar, you’ll want to go with everything that is all-natural orange. My mother-in-law used to crave orange juice, but since she was diabetic it never worked out well for her blood sugar.

However, if you squeeze your own fresh orange juice or just enjoy a fresh orange, it shouldn’t cause your blood sugar to spike.

9. Cranberries

I was so glad to find that when I ditched sugar, I didn’t have to ditch my cranberries. See, I love making and canning my own cranberry sauce.

So when I found that this fruit was low in sugar, then I knew I could sub out the sugar in the canning recipe for a substitute and still enjoy one of my favorite snacks.

10. Olives

Again, your eyebrows might raise at this one too. I know not many people think, “I want a delicious piece of fruit. I think I’ll eat olives to satisfy that craving.”

But an olive is a fruit. So even though it goes on your salad in most cases, you can still count it towards your daily fruit servings without consuming a lot of sugar.

11. Rhubarb

We grow our own rhubarb. It isn’t difficult to do and tastes so great in a strawberry rhubarb pie. However, that isn’t a very healthy recipe if you are trying to watch your sugar. (I’m a bad influence. I know!)

So if you’d like to just enjoy plain old rhubarb, here are some great ways to do it. Hopefully, this way you’ll blood sugar will stay steady.

12. Limes

A lime is another citrus fruit that is great to enjoy if you don’t want to consume a lot of sugar in your diet.

So whether you like eating them plain or including them while you enjoy a healthy limeade, either way, you can enjoy the flavor without upping your sugar intake.

13. Starfruit

This is a fruit that isn’t common to a lot of people. It is grown in warm climates such as Hawaii, Florida, and Australia.

But it has a flavor that is best described as a cross between a grape and an apple. So if you want something different to consider, try one of these.

14. Casaba Melon

This is a melon that is a close relative of the honeydew and cantaloupe melon. Those melons have a sweeter flavor to them.

However, this melon has a green flesh and closely resembles the flavor of a cucumber. So if you are trying to eat fruit with less sugar, then try this for something different.

15. Papaya

A papaya is another fruit that is grown in mostly warmer climates. They usually come from Mexico or Hawaii. The Mexican version of this fruit grows to be much larger than those grown in Hawaii.

But this fruit can be used in many versatile ways. Some cook it when it is still raw to take the place of a vegetable, while others choose to enjoy it when it is ripe. Either way, it is a great way to get vitamin C.

16. Cantaloupe

I am a huge fan of cantaloupe. It is a great way to cool down on a hot day. I also enjoy it after a meal for a refreshing dessert.

But it is also great with a little added salt and pepper to get your day started as breakfast. So if you need a low sugar fruit that is versatile, a cantaloupe could be what you’ve been looking for.

17. Tomatoes

My oldest son refuses to accept tomatoes as a fruit. He says that it may be scientifically proven but to him, it will always be a vegetable.

So regardless of which side of the fence you’re on with this argument, just know that you can count tomatoes in your fruit servings each day, and it doesn’t pack a high sugar content.

18. Guava


via Instiks

Depending upon where you live, you may or may not have had access to guava. If you ever get the chance to try it, you should take it.

See, guava is more than just a low sugar content fruit. It is able to help with many health issues that range anywhere from constipation, diarrhea, to high blood pressure. It is another versatile fruit.

19. Kiwi Fruit

My sister loves kiwi fruit. Every time I see one I think of her because I know how much she loves them. She likes the flavor and their bright colors.

But what always stands out to me about a kiwi is how dull and fuzzy they are on the outside, but as soon as you open them you find this amazing little green fruit in there. Amazingly enough, kiwi can give you lots of flavor without a lot of added sugars.

20. Pineapple

If I had to answer what my absolute favorite fruit is, strawberries would be on the list but so would pineapple.

So if you want a fruit that is fresh, tangy, and sweet too, then you really need to start eating more pineapple. I adore them!

21. Lemons

I was an odd child. Would you believe I didn’t like chocolate as a kid, but I loved eating lemons with salt on them? I know, I was definitely different.

But even though I’ve grown to like chocolate in my adulthood, I still have a love for lemons. I don’t like lemon flavored baked goods or candy, but I love the real fresh lemons. They are amazing in my book.

22. Apricots

Apricots are an adorable little fruit that floods me with a ton of memories. Growing up my grandfather was a diabetic. He managed it for over 20 years.

But every morning he ate sugar-free apricot preserves because he loved the flavor. I can’t help but smile every time I see one now. Hopefully, even if you suffer as a diabetic, you have a low sugar fruit that you can turn into something you enjoy every day just like he did.

23. Figs

This is another fruit that brings me a lot of memories. This time it is memories of my great grandmother. She was a tough lady that didn’t let anything get her down. It is no wonder she lived to be almost 90 years old.

But she always ate figs. She loved them plain or in cookies. As a child, I always preferred the cookies, but now I know that I should be enjoying them by themselves as well.

24. Tangerines

Tangerines are another citrus fruit that packs a lot of flavor in a small fruit. If you’d like a little sweeter taste than an orange, then you might want to try these.

Actually, my boys don’t like oranges, but they will devour tangerines. They make great little snacks on the go as well.

25. Nectarines

I am a huge fan of nectarines. If I’m honest, I can’t taste much of a difference between them and a peach.

But the reason I prefer nectarines is that they don’t have the fuzzy skin. So I can just wash and eat them without having to peel them.

26. Honeydew Melon

I know a lot of people really enjoy honeydew melon. My mom is actually one of them. I eat them because of their different color.

But if I’m honest, I don’t think they pack a strong flavor to them. So if you’d like to get in different colors in your day while not having a strongly flavored fruit, then consider honeydew melon.

Now that you have over 20 low sugar fruits to choose from, I hope that you have great success in introducing less sugar into your diet.

Believe me, I know it isn’t easy, but I’ve found it to be worth it in my own journey.

But what about you? Do you know of any other low sugar fruits that I’ve not mentioned here? Do you have any recipes for any of the above-listed fruits that will make it easier to incorporate them into a regular daily diet?

We love hearing from you so please leave us your comments in the space provided below.

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