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17 Gründe, warum Gelatine Ihrer Gesundheit zugute kommt

Have you ever wondered why you’re given Jell-O when you’re admitted to a hospital?

Gelatin is a powerful substance with plenty of benefits. It may not be the most appealing, but with all the good it can do for you, it may be worth choking down.

Still not convinced?

Well, you’ll be happy to know you can also take gelatin in pill form as well, or alternatively consider making your own yummy gummies. After you hear these benefits, you’ll want to make it a part of your vitamin regiment.

Here’s how gelatin benefits your health:

1. Healthy Skin

gelatin benefits your health

Would you like to have better looking skin? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a supplement or eat a specific food and have better skin naturally?

With gelatin you can. It’s an excellent source of collagen. The more collagen you have in your skin, the fewer wrinkles develop.

2. Good Source of Protein

We all know protein is an integral part of maintaining a healthy body. Our body needs a great deal of it to function optimally.

Gelatin is an excellent source of protein, but unlike animal protein, it contains no fat. Which is great news! Also, you can eat a half cup of gelatin and get two grams of protein.

3. Helps with Gut Health

Our guts are important. We didn’t realize this for many years, but they contain approximately 70% of our immune system.

Therefore, anything which boosts our gut health is great. Gelatin helps to move food along the digestive tract. It strengthens our stomach lining and helps our bodies produce more digestive juices.

4. Greases Our Joints

If you have stiff joints, you’re familiar with painful movements. As our bodies get older, collagen decreases and our joints begin to tell us about it.

Instead of enduring the pain, increase your gelatin intake. It will boost your collagen and help reduce joint pain.

5. Could Balance Blood Sugar

This theory is still being tested, which means we aren’t sure how effective gelatin can be for those with Type 2 Diabetes.

However, in some tests, it’s leading researchers to understand the amino acids in gelatin can balance blood sugar in some instances.

6. Stronger Bones

We all want strong bones. The stronger our bones, the less likely they are to become brittle and break.

Gelatin helps the body to absorb calcium from the foods we ingest. Beyond helping with calcium, gelatin within itself is a bone strengthener.

7. Better Sleep

Wouldn’t we all like to enjoy a better night’s sleep? Well, it could be as simple as ingesting more gelatin in our diets.

Glycine is a part of gelatin. It provides better quality sleep, and good sleep can truly make a difference in your overall health.

8. Weight-Loss Booster

Most people want to know if something is going to help them lose weight. Gelatin could be one of those natural ways to boost your weight-loss.

Not only is gelatin a low-calorie protein source, but because of the added protein, you can feel full longer. Therefore, you eat less. It can also help balance your hormones which keeps you from feeling hungry when you’re not.

9. Healthy Hair

Gorgeous hair is one of those things when you have it, you love it, but when you don’t, you feel bummed when you look in the mirror.

Don’t feel bummed! Instead, try gelatin. It’s known for helping your hair grow longer and also to produce thicker hair.

10. Boosts Brain Health

Our brains are probably the most critical part of our body though we don’t consider it frequently.

Consider your brain by taking gelatin. It’s known for helping you pay better attention and also to increase your memory.

11. Great for Your Liver

Have you been unkind to your liver? Are you worried those younger years of partying could have caused actual damage?

Be kinder to your liver with gelatin. It’s filled with glycine which is a wonderful natural protectant for your liver.

12. Slows Cancer Down… Possibly

This study is still in the works, but I did want to share with you the possibility that gelatin could have an impact on certain types of cancer.

In some studies, gelatin has shown to slow the growth of tumors and prolong the life of patients with cancers such as leukemia, stomach, and colon cancer. Hopefully the studies will only continue to produce more positive news.

13. Good for Your Heart

Who knew Jell-O was more than a fun little snack you could make cool shapes out of as a kid? It’s much more than we ever thought!

Gelatin is great for your heart too. We need protein, but meat proteins produce methionine. In excess, this can cause heart damage. Therefore, you need a balancer which can lower methionine.  The amino acids in gelatin can do precisely this!

14. Reduces Inflammation

We hear a great deal about inflammation. When our bodies are under stress or being damaged under stress, its natural reaction is to become inflamed which is part of the healing process.

The issue is when there’s too much inflammation. The glycine in gelatin can reduce inflammation and improve your health in the process.

15. Hormone Balancer

Do you struggle with hormone imbalance? I can speak from experience; it’s no fun. Gelatin benefits your health and could be a natural way to balance your hormones.

The amino acids in the gelatin can give the body what it needs to find a balance and stick with it.

16. Say Bye-Bye to Cellulite

Cellulite is one of those horrible things which comes with getting a little older. Our bodies begin to decrease in the collagen department.

Therefore, no matter how much you work out, it still seems to persist. Well, boost your collagen naturally with gelatin.

17. Good for Your Dental Health

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed when you ordered the gelatin dessert it was good for your dental health.

Well, it is. Collagen is found naturally in your tooth enamel. Therefore, by adding gelatin to your diet (which is rich with collagen), it can help strengthen your teeth and take care of your gums too.

I sincerely hope you won’t find yourself in a hospital any time soon, but if you do, you’ll no longer be confused as to why they insist upon you eating Jell-O.

It’s a great way to boost your health naturally and give your body what it needs to heal. It can also be a great addition to your daily diet or vitamin regiment.

Gelatin benefits your health and is a natural way for you to care for your body from the inside out.

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