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15 Wege, wie Kombucha Ihrer Gesundheit nützt (und eine große Warnung)

We’ve seen this strange item on the grocery store shelves. We talk about it on social media and via the internet. It has been around for yearsa.

But do we know why kombucha benefits our health? I’ve realized when it comes to kombucha, you either love it or hate it.

Though I’m not a huge fan of this fermented tea beverage, I have friends who drink it every day. I’m still holding out for a recipe I’ll enjoy.

Whether you love kombucha or not, I want to share with you
the benefits of drinking it. The studies on kombucha are still new, but they’re
showing positive signs when drinking it properly.

Here’s how kombucha could benefit you:

The Woes of Kombucha

It’s important to note upfront; kombucha is a homemade fermented beverage. If made incorrectly it has been known to bring about serious health issues and even death.

Use extreme caution when making kombucha. If you’re new to drinking kombucha, consider purchasing it from a certified retailer.

Also, the benefits shared below are only opinions. The research is still new on how kombucha impacts the human body.

Though many of the results look positive, there hasn’t been enough research to give scientists confidence in its effects.

Lastly, we are not medical doctors. This post is for informational purposes only. If you’re interested in drinking kombucha, reach out to a medical professional who knows your medical history and discuss whether this would be a good fit for you.  

The Kombucha Benefits

With any DIY item, you must consider your pros and cons. You also have to realize what works for one may not work for another. With the negatives reviewed, let’s discuss why kombucha is looking positive for many fans:

1. Good for the Gut

kombucha benefits

It’s recently become a well-known fact that over 70% of our immune system is found in our gut. We’re learning how important it is to take care of our gut health.

Therefore, kombucha is proving to be a helpful tool in the process because it’s loaded with probiotics. Probiotics are excellent for our gut health and something we should focus on consuming.

2. Could Help with Type Two Diabetes

When I was growing up, it was uncommon to hear of people having type two diabetes. Now, it’s quite prevalent.

Kombucha is believed to slow down the processing of carbohydrates. In turn, this lowers blood sugar and helps those who have type two diabetes.

3. Could Protect Against Cancer

We’re all hoping one day there will be a cure for cancer
because it’s another disease impacting people all over the world.

In studies, kombucha has shown the ability to stop cancerous cells from growing or reproducing in controlled laboratory environments. This is positive news because it gives hope kombucha could help prevent cancer.

4. Kills Bacteria

Kombucha is a fermented beverage and contains acetic acid like vinegar does after fermenting. This acid is good for the body because it helps fight bacteria.

Harmful bacteria in the body can cause infection and make you feel ill. Acetic acid found in kombucha fights this type of bacteria and is thought to battle yeast overgrowth as well.

5. Could Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is another health epidemic running wild
throughout our world. We’re all looking for the best way to keep our hearts
healthy and vibrant.

Kombucha helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in our body while boosting good cholesterol. In turn, this is great for our heart health.

6. Giving Athletes a Boost

Are you an athlete? Do you enjoy heading to the gym every
chance you get? Are you using a pre-workout or post-workout supplement?

You can now reach for kombucha. Some athletes are reporting
kombucha gives them energy for the workout, but also helps with workout
recovery too.

7. Vitamin B Helps the Mood

We all have our struggles with bad moods, depression, and
trying to focus in a world where life gets downright crazy at times.

Kombucha is thought to help battle depression, improve your
mood, and give your concentration a boost because of the vitamin B it contains.

8. Boosts Fat Reduction

Some natural beverages can aid in weight loss. Green tea is a
wonderful beverage to consume when trying to get healthy and lose the pounds.

Kombucha is showing similar signs. It contains natural acids
and antioxidants which help with weight loss. If you drink it before meals,
it’s thought to boost your metabolism as apple cider

9. Relieves Stress

Are you stressed out? Would you be amazed if a small amount
of kombucha could help lower your stress levels?

Because kombucha is a fermented drink, it has small amounts of alcohol in it. This small amount of alcohol is thought to provide stress-relieving properties during consumption.

10. Could Share Similar Benefits of Green Tea

green tea

We discussed earlier how kombucha is a fermented tea beverage. It can be fermented using green tea. Green tea helps burn calories, improve blood sugar levels, improves cholesterol, and fights certain types of cancer.

When kombucha is fermented with green tea, it’s thought the benefits carry over and provide the same benefits.

11. Boosts Digestion

Digestion is a huge part of leading a healthy life. If you aren’t regular, you don’t feel right. If you don’t feel good, it’s because your body is being weighed down with undigested food.

Bottom line: Consume foods and beverages which help keep you regular. Kombucha is filled with probiotics, natural acids, and enzymes which will give your digestive system the kick in the pants it needs.

12. Boost Immune System

Our immune systems are important aspects of our bodies. It’s
our defense system to every disease or bacteria in the world.

We should take care of our immune systems to make sure they
keep taking care of us. Kombucha is high in probiotics which is great for gut
health. The majority of our immune system is in our gut. Therefore, kombucha
can help our immune systems thrive.

13. Fights Arthritis

Arthritis aches and pains

Kombucha is high in glucosamine. This ingredient is known
for helping to relieve joint pain. It can also help prevent arthritis as well.

If you’re suffering or afraid you’ll have arthritis in the future, consider using kombucha. It could help ease your pain or put your mind at ease.

14. A Boost of Energy

We could all use more energy. Our world pushes us to run at a break-neck pace. If you’re feeling fatigued, turn to kombucha.

Kombucha contains both vitamin B and iron, which will
naturally give you a little boost in the energy department. There’s also a
small amount of caffeine which will help too.

15. Contains Antioxidants

If you’ve ever been told to consume foods which are high in
antioxidants, you may have wondered why. Our bodies have free radicals in them
which can cause cancer and many other illnesses.

They encourage our bodies to mutate from what they were
intended to do. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals. Therefore, kombucha
could be your new beverage of choice because it contains antioxidants.

If you’re on the fence about kombucha benefits, hopefully these warnings and benefits of kombucha will feed your mind and help you (and your medical professional) decide if it’s a good fit for your life.

Remember, when consuming kombucha, you shouldn’t drink more than four ounces per day.

Leading a healthier lifestyle and consuming foods and beverages which are suitable for us takes some research and time to get used to, but in the end, it’s an investment in ourselves and worth the effort.

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